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ATTN: FINISHING LINE PRESS AUTHORS: We now have a direct line for ordering books.  

For author orders, bookstore orders, or for bulk orders of 10 or more copies, please call us directly at 502-603-0670.  

For all other calls, please call 859-514-8966. 



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If you are having trouble ordering from our site or need to contact us, please email us at FLPBookstore@aol.com or for bulk orders call our direct ordering line at 859-514-8966. 

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We are very happy to announce our 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Words, Under My Skin by Rodica Draghincescu
Water Vigils by Sherri Felt Dratfield
The Birds of Al-Merjeh Square: Poems from Syria by Yahya Frederickson (2013 Open Chapbook Winner)
The Cadence of Mercy by Richard Levine
Two Sides of a Ticket by Helen Leslie Sokolsky
Hard Frost by Sally Moffitt Zaino, NWVS No. 104 (2013 WINNER of the New Women's Voices Series)


Finishing Line Press (FLP) is proud to announce a new poetry anthology contest about horses.

The contest is open to everyone – published and unpublished, adults and children, male and female. The sole criteria is that the poem be about horses.  Entry fee is $5 per poem.


Please include on each poem, your name, contact information, and if you are over or under 18 years old.  If you are under 18 and desire to have your age included in the anthology, please tell us how old you are.  This is a great time for your children or grandchildren to learn the delights of poetry! The contest starts October 1st, 2014 and ends on November 20th, 2014.  On that date all entries will be forwarded to our judge. Winners will be announced on or before December 20th, 2014 on the website.


The grand prize winner will get $100.00 and one copies of the anthology, plus their poem will be the lead poem in the anthology.  All others whose poem gets selected to be in the chapbook will receive one copy of the anthology.  This will be a special anthology to share with family and friends.


Coty will be judging the contest and will be Senior Editor on the project.  Coty is a guest editor with FLP, and the author of Beneath The Lemon Drop Sky.  She has been a published writer for 30 years in various publications.  She is currently a writer, photographer and creative consultant at The P.R.E Horse, an international horse publication.  The cover of the anthology will feature one of her amazing horse photographs.  She has previously owned six horses and remains a devout horse lover.  She will be looking for poems that resonate the beauty of horses. Coty welcomes all styles of poems, and encourages children to participate!

To submit use our online submission manager https://finishinglinepress.submittable.com/submit


Send to
Horse Poetry c/o
Finishing Line Press
P O Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324


A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with the correct postage must accompany all mailed manuscripts. A SASE is needed for any kind of response, even if the writer does not want the material returned.


Finishing Line Press announces NO READING FEE for chapbook manuscripts mailed to us in the month of November.

We will accept chapbook manuscripts of up to 30 pages of poetry. CHAPBOOK MANUSCRIPTS ONLY. NOVEMBER ONLY. MAILED MANUSCRIPTS ONLY. 
Manuscript must be a paper copy. We do not accept email submissions. Submit 16-30 pages of poetry, PLUS bio, acknowledgments, SASE and cover letter.
Send to
No Fee November c/o
Finishing Line Press
P O Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with the correct postage must accompany all mailed manuscripts. A SASE is needed for any kind of response, even if the writer does not want the material returned.

A good photocopy of the manuscript or a computer printout, rather than the original, should be sent. Finishing Line Press is not responsible for lost manuscripts.




The new issue of Finishing Line Press' partner publication Levure Littéraire is now online.  Issue 9 http://levurelitteraire.com/word-of-welcome/. 

Levure Littéraire is a non-profit publication funded by donations.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

Please mention FLP/USA when donating.  To donate any amount (even 1 euro helps!), please click on the "donate" button at    http://levurelitteraire.com/ 




 FOR BOOK ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL CHRIS AT flpbookstore@aol.com,  

or for bulk orders, author orders or bookstore orders, please call us directly at 502-603-0670.  


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